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Obama Says The Stimulous Plan Has “Done Its Job”

What is he smokin’?

I am gonna get me some of that!


Obama Lessons

  • If you max out your credit, then get more credit
  • If you run out of money, print more
  • Spending money solves all problems (not to worry, see above)
  • Paying taxes is optional if you head the IRS
  • Don’t say anything without a teleprompter
  • Disrespecting disabled people is okay as long as you promptly apologize
  • Businesses that take Obama money are subject to retroactive governmental regulation
  • The President has the authority to fire the CEO of businesses that take Obama money
  • If things get tough, go on Jay Leno and 60 Minutes
  • Have a press conference at least 5 days a week
  • Campaigning never ends
  • Historic practices in the White House are irrelevant
  • Meaningful gifts to foreign dignitaries are overrated

What lessons have you learned from Obama?  Comment and I will add them to my list!

Day Two

DOW:   Down 443.48/ -4.85%

NASDAQ:  Down 72.94/ -4.34%

S&P 500:  Down 47.89/ -5.03%

U.S. Dollar:  Down .0005%


Not much confidence in the people’s choice.

The Day After

DOW:  Down 486.01/-5.05%

NASDAQ:   Down 98.48/-5.53%

S&P 500:  Down 52.98/-5.27%

U.S. Dollar:  Down  0.005

Free Gas! No More Mortgage Payments!

Unbelievable . . . this woman actually thinks that if Obama wins she won’t have to worry about filling her car up with gas or paying her mortgage. 

You just can not make this stuff up! 

Please do what ever you can to get as many McCain voters to the polls.  We need to tell these people that they need to pay for their own gas and they need to make sure they pay their mortgages.  Our government is not her personal piggy bank . . . with or without lipstick!

I Am Worried About Obama Winning? Darn Right I Am!

I understand that people differ on their opinions as to the best direction for this country and each voter will cast a ballot for the candidate they think will be best to take our great nation in that direction.  I wonder, however, if people really understand what they are voting for and the far reaching consequences that a certain candidate’s win over the other might have on the overall economy and our safety from our enemies.  Do they even really understand what the overall consequences of their vote may have to their own lives or their neighbor’s lives?  Do they realize that voting for a far left Democratic rule with no checks or balances may ultimately result in their employer needing to cut back on expenses and consequently them losing their job?  I hear people say with pleasure, “Obama will cut my taxes!”  Who cares if you have a tax rate cut if you are no longer making an income? (X % of zero is zero savings.)

We own a small business that employs over 60 people.  Our work is very labor intensive.  To me our business is a small business, but to Obama it is a big business.  He wants to tax us more and require us to participate in various programs that will raise our per employee costs.  We are at our limit now and if we are pushed any further, we will need to seriously consider whether it is worth it to keep open the business we have spent years to build from nothing.  As I watch and read the Rah, Rah Obama propaganda and read posts by the Obama faithfuls, I am wondering to myself, if he wins which of the 60 employees are we going to have to lay off?  Or should we just let them all go and close up shop?  We’ll just wait to get a piece of that Obama pie being promised to low income people!

Obama is an Illusionist!

Obama’s tax plan is to spread the wealth around . . .

I have not bought the claim that 95% of people will get a tax cut under Obama’s tax plan.  I am in good company;  see this WSJ piece.  If he gets his income redistribution way, many of us will be on welfare without needing to apply.  My only hope if he is elected is that congress will not let him get away with it.