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Obama Lessons

  • If you max out your credit, then get more credit
  • If you run out of money, print more
  • Spending money solves all problems (not to worry, see above)
  • Paying taxes is optional if you head the IRS
  • Don’t say anything without a teleprompter
  • Disrespecting disabled people is okay as long as you promptly apologize
  • Businesses that take Obama money are subject to retroactive governmental regulation
  • The President has the authority to fire the CEO of businesses that take Obama money
  • If things get tough, go on Jay Leno and 60 Minutes
  • Have a press conference at least 5 days a week
  • Campaigning never ends
  • Historic practices in the White House are irrelevant
  • Meaningful gifts to foreign dignitaries are overrated

What lessons have you learned from Obama?  Comment and I will add them to my list!


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