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The Difference Between Repubicans and Democrats

. . . can be found in the transition of power.

Republicans are graceful in defeat and offer assistance to the winners (2008). 

Democrats take the Ws out of the keyboards and otherwise vandalize the White House offices (2000).


2 Responses

  1. Ahhh..well..except..not so much:


    The press was having a good old time back then printing stories that were completely unverified. Wait! They still do!

    And I’m not sure Bush’s refusal to allow the Obama family to use The Blair house is all that classy. At least, the reason for the refusal seems pretty petty when looking at making the family move twice, plus the taxpayer money used to pay for the hotel which could have been avoided. Better to put up the former Aussie Prime Minister in a hotel for one night than make the Obama’s stay for 12 nights, right?

  2. “Taxpayer money used to pay for the hotel which could have been avoided . . .” I sure hope that the government is not picking up the tab for Obama to stay in DC early for his personal convenience. If I were taking a job in another city that began on January 20, I would not expect my future employer to pay for my housing if I decided to move to the city early so my kids could start school a few weeks earlier. Obama has a house that he can live in. He does not need the Blair House. He wants the Blair House. Where is the promised change? This is the typical self-centered politician attitude that has turned so many people off.

    I hope you are making an assumption that is not true about who is paying for the Obama hotel. I am really sick of the government making stupid decisions that wastes our tax dollars. If they would run the government like a business instead of a entitlement factory, maybe the deficit would not be nearly as big or non existant.

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