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I Am Worried About Obama Winning? Darn Right I Am!

I understand that people differ on their opinions as to the best direction for this country and each voter will cast a ballot for the candidate they think will be best to take our great nation in that direction.  I wonder, however, if people really understand what they are voting for and the far reaching consequences that a certain candidate’s win over the other might have on the overall economy and our safety from our enemies.  Do they even really understand what the overall consequences of their vote may have to their own lives or their neighbor’s lives?  Do they realize that voting for a far left Democratic rule with no checks or balances may ultimately result in their employer needing to cut back on expenses and consequently them losing their job?  I hear people say with pleasure, “Obama will cut my taxes!”  Who cares if you have a tax rate cut if you are no longer making an income? (X % of zero is zero savings.)

We own a small business that employs over 60 people.  Our work is very labor intensive.  To me our business is a small business, but to Obama it is a big business.  He wants to tax us more and require us to participate in various programs that will raise our per employee costs.  We are at our limit now and if we are pushed any further, we will need to seriously consider whether it is worth it to keep open the business we have spent years to build from nothing.  As I watch and read the Rah, Rah Obama propaganda and read posts by the Obama faithfuls, I am wondering to myself, if he wins which of the 60 employees are we going to have to lay off?  Or should we just let them all go and close up shop?  We’ll just wait to get a piece of that Obama pie being promised to low income people!


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  1. I would argue that there are a lot of ways the American Economy can improve. Improved reputation in a new global economy (and increased consumer confidence)and a more dynamnic flexible economy is one of those ways. And as someone who would probably do better as far as a pure tax standpoint under the McCain policy, I wouldn’t be so quick to trust McCain with my money either. He chose Palin as his running mate, I’m a slip in the shower away from her looking after my finances? No thank you.

  2. I resent the implication that I am naive and unaware of exactly WHAT I am voting on. I put that up for fun – you link to it an imply that I don’t know what I am doing. Please unlink.

  3. TPGODDESS -Done, I actually had forgotten that I linked to your post. This post started as a reply to your post and my post it evolved into something else. As for your post being meant to be “fun” — As someone that sees Obama as a threat to my family’s livlihood and the viability of our business, I have lost my sense of humor where he is concerned.

    I apologize that you think I meant you didn’t know what you are voting for. Your views are generally alligned with the Demoratic party and I do not wonder at all why you would vote for Obama.

    Tandre – You can argue all you want, but I am not buying it. I am glad that you feel you will do better tax wise under an Obama presidency and in the short run I may too.

    However as a small business owner I see Obama as someone who wants to punish my success to the extent that I will no longer be successful. I doubt if you knew more about our business that you would objectively consider our company a “big” business, but Obama does. I have studied Obama’s proposed policies. He makes it sound like they will “help” our employess, but they are precisely the policies that may find them with no job at all.

    I honestly fear for my family’s business and our ability under Obama’s published policies to continue to employ our workforce and remain a viable enterprise. I hope I am wrong, but with the real possibity that the Senate, House and Executive branch will be Democratic, there is a real possibiity that Obama will get his policies implimented. With the makeup of the congress, McCain would have an uphill battle getting his policies implemented.

  4. Well, I am aware that my post was not going to fun for you and a couple of other readers, but a larger majority of my friends and readers would enjoy and have found it fun. It makes sense that you would not. Passions run high enough right now. I’ve implemented the “just walk away” rule on myself. And some nights I just don’t read certain sites.

    It’s the biggest election in my life and politics is a passion/hobby of mine so I’ve had fun writing about it and I’ve done my best to mostly make fun of the media, talk about what makes me laugh and or excited about it and never to belittle anyone. Still, perhaps you should stay away for about a week? At least, if you are feeling so strongly and are so scared and upset (which is an emotion I absolutely I empathize with as I’ve been there).

    I promise though that it will go right to being all about trees and flowers and birds and football and baseball and all that other fluffy stuff very shortly!


  5. Hold on…keep your state Red and I’ll try to do the same. If they go Blue, then we will find a way to hold it together. People think things are bad now…I am barely old enough to remember the late 70’s…that was really bad. All of these educated people on the earth, and no one seems to study the Carter Administration…oh wait…Government Educated People…that explains it all.

    I keep forgetting to check in here. I have to put this in my reader…

  6. MTAE – Thanks for the optimism. I am counting on you for Virginia!

    I am old enough to remember the Carter years. i wasn’t old enought to vote, but was old enough to understand how greatly my family’s small business suffered. It took years to rebuild from the damage those years caused.

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