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It Appears Obama, The Uniter, is Out of Touch Afterall

I guess Obama is far enough in the polls that he is not worried about losing any support he may have had from plumbers and other of the hard working Americans that keep this country in good repair.  He has let his elitist snob self emerge from his well orchestrated persona again. 

Thanks, Obama, you have renewed my “Hope” that enough Americans will see that you really haven’t “Changed” and that they will come to their senses and vote for McCain.


5 Responses

  1. Why was Obama endorsed by the largest plumber union in the nation? They get it. Obama is for the middle class.
    There is the press release. Lol you McCain supporters don’t do your homework, just like McCain.

    Joe the plumber isn’t even a licensed plumber! Lol!

  2. Your reading comprehension is a bit off tonight. I indicate that he “had” support of plumbers and opine that his elitist comments could damage that support. It was very stupid and cocky of him to disrespect people who have stood behind him.

  3. obama shows no emotion, passion , or compassion for main street as we are called now, he almost looks dead, he has no expression on his face oops unless you call smugness an expression. I pray the people who say they support him are saying they do in order to avoid the race comments, when you look at him what do you see his color or his True Color. A persons color makes no differance what is inside tells you who and what they are.I hate the stigma the Blacks have put on themselves if you are from America, then you are an Ameican not African American. My roots are Irish and I don’t call myself Irish American. Lets get off the 50 and 60 bus and see each person for who they are.

  4. First of all it is called being Presidential. We have forgotten that Presidents are supposed to be a calming, steady force not an emotional roller coaster. Bush has poisoned what being President actually is. He has single handedly ruined the brand.

    We need a President who will not get flustered, angry or overly passionate when dealing with the challenges we have. McCain can barely keep his temper in check and I would not feel comfortable at all with him negotiating with foreign leaders. What if one of them makes him angry? McCain is the type who would throw us into a war for his personal “honor.”

    Thirdly Blacks have had a lot to go through to make it to a point of equality. Irish were never slaves. Irish never were sub human. Irish always had a choice on where to go and what to be. It is still only been about 140 years since the end of slavery and slavery lasted for about 300 years.

    I think that most Black people are doing pretty good with that fact. You are right that a persons color doesn’t make a difference towards their capacity, but you cannot be color blind either. We all have heritage and we should not be ashamed of that.

    Also really, what is American? We blessedly so are so much a hodge podge of cultures, peoples and beliefs. I love this country so much for that reason and others. We have the best of all peoples here and it really is a source of pride that we are so diverse.

  5. Bush poisoned the Presidency? Did you forget that Clinton had “sexual relations” with a young woman in the White House and then lied about it . . . under oath?

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