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Who is Giving Obama Money?

Contributor Total
Goldman Sachs $689,280
University of California $531,070
JPMorgan Chase & Co $449,671
Citigroup Inc $411,504
Harvard University $407,452
University of Chicago $396,339
UBS AG $390,000
Google Inc $379,212
Lehman Brothers $365,922
Skadden, Arps et al $358,121
Sidley Austin LLP $356,345
Kirkland & Ellis $351,714
Moveon.org $347,463
Morgan Stanley $314,638
Exelon Corp $310,911
National Amusements Inc $298,500
Microsoft Corp $280,425
Time Warner $279,859
Jones Day $266,705
Latham & Watkins $255,095

These are the top contributors (taken from http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?cycle=2008&cid=N00009638 ).

Some of these companies are those that are coming to the government (the taxpayers) looking for a handout.  I have an idea.  How about if Obama does his part to assist the country’s financial and mortgage crisis by giving some of his contributors their money back?

For the record, McCain also got money from some of the same companies (though much less).  I also suggest that McCain give back the money that the troubled companies gave him.


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