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Abortion and the Presidency

There are voters who say that they will not vote for McCain because of his views on abortion and his selection of Sarah Palin solidified that position.  I understand some one issue voters,  but not those that vote for President solely on the Abortion issue.  It shows a misunderstanding of the President’s role on the issue.

If or when McCain becomes President, he will not be able to make abortion illegal.  The Obama camp is using that to scare women voters away from McCain. (I will not get into the hypocrisy of that strategy.)

The most that McCain could do is appoint a Supreme Court Justice to turn the balance of power in the Supreme Court.  If that were to happen, Roe V. Wade could be overturned, but that will not make abortion illegal.  If that happens abortion will become a state issue.  Only a few states would make it illegal because even the most Republican dominated state legislatures wouldn’t get the votes to do that.  Keeping in mind that not all Republicans are pro-life and many of those that are probably will not have the intestinal fortitude to take that stand.  (Maybe they could just vote “Present”?)

If Roe v. Wade is overturned making Abortion a state issue, then the only way for McCain to make it a federal issue would be to pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion.  McCain could not do that.  Congress would have to do that.  Congress is Democratic, so that wouldn’t happen.   Even if Congress turned Republican during his term, that just wouldn’t happen. 

The President does not have the power to change the law on abortion.   So, people who say that they are voting or not voting for a candidate for President based solely on their stance on abortion then they are either fibbing, they are misinformed or they are wacky zealots.


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