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Tonight at the DNC Convention

Real time comments on Bill Clinton’s DNC Convention speech:

9:18 pm Oops.  I am late tonight.  Darn the luck!

Just in time for the Republicans to be at fault for Hurricane Katrina and the damage to New Orleans.  Oh brother, that is lame.  What did you do while you were President for 8 years to strengthen the levies in New Orleans? 

Hillary is wearing light blue tonight.   Oh how cute.  It is the same color as Bill’s tie.

Why are people bringing their children to the floor of the convention?  Are they nuts? 

He has gotten older.  I guess it has been a while since I paid any attention to him.

NEWS FLASH:  Could it be that you were too young and inexperienced to be a “good” Commander-in-Chief.  You act like it is a foregone conclusion that you were a good President.  It is not a valid assumption.

He said “Hope” in his closig comments, but it was more a reference to himself than Obama.  As usual it is all about Bill.  I am glad I missed most of that speech!   I wonder what is on the Food Network . . .


I am in disbelief that people can actually take Obama seriously.  This guy’s ego is so big that it will not fit in the Pepsico Center.  He needs to take it to a bigger forum.  I don’t know which is worse . . . that he behaves the way he does or that so many Americans are captivated by his cultish spell.  It is a conundrum to be sure.


In watching the Democrats comment on the Hannity & Combs show tonight, I have yet to see any Obama supporter who can articulate a list of accomplishments that would qualify Obama to be the President of the United States of America.  Michael Dukakas is failing miserably in the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s convention speech. 

Oh my Goodness.  Michael Dukakas just said that Obama single handedly resolved the war in Iraq.  This guy needs to get back to the Bingo game at the old folks home.  (Sorry if I insulted an old folks that still have clear minds.)

That is about all I can handle.  I am going to exercise my flipper finger and see what else is on.  I have had enough of la la land.


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  1. I have found watching MSNBC to me most entertaining. It is really funny.

    I did have to laugh and smile when Bill walked in the room. They are so…Clinton. It is the only way to describe them.

    I really have to look at the way he tore apart the military budget to move money around in his eight years. That is huge part of why it is stretched so thin. I was in the Army during that period…I saw it happen.

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