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Hillary Does Denver

I am debating whether to stick needles in my eye or to watch the Democratic National Convention this evening.  It is a tough call.  Hmmmm . . . I think I will go with the needles.   No wait, it might be fun to do a running commentary on Hillary’s greatly anticipated “I would rather be anywhere but here chatting up this jerk” “let’s unite behind Obama speech”, so I will forgo the needles for now.

10:05 PM  She’s LATE.  This is becomig a pattern.  Do you think she decided not to show?  If I were her, I would seriously consider it.

Some other liberal is speaking the mantra . . . “Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . .

Who is that woman and what the heck is she wearing on her head?  I am amazed at how different the crowds look at the two conventions.  After the Republicans hold their convention, I will try to post two crowd shots.  One from each convention. 

“Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . .

10:20 PM  Bill is there.  Hugging random woman.  Now, THAT is a pattern.  Some things do not change.

“Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . . “Hope” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . . “Change” . . .

10:36 PM  She’s VERY LATE.

Hmmm, what color pant suit do you think Hillary will were?  I am betting on Red.

Oh, here comes the prerecorded introduction video . . . it is pretty lame.  They are discussing her singing voice.  As if that is relevant.  So what.  Oh, my was that Hillary’s Mom who was wearing that bizzar hat that I commented upon earlier?  If so, could it get any worse for Hillary?

Chelsea introduces . . . and . . . ORANGE?  An Orange pant suit?  Orange you glad that looks can’t kill.  Did you see that look Michelle just gave her?

Finally,  . . . applause . . . more crowd shots of weird hats.  Is this a weird hat convention?  More applause.  I think Bill just mouthed “I love her.”  Naw, that can’t be.  I never was good at reading lips. 

“Proud supporter of Barack Obama” . . . “Same Team” – she almost sounded convincing, but her eyes are giving her away.

Michelle Obama’s facial expressions are screaming “I can’t stand that woman!”

“Sisterhood of the travelling pant suits”  – Now I don’t care who you are, that there is funny.

Bill is acting like he had never heard this speech.  He is mouthing, “that is great!” 

10:54 PM Not one mention of “change” or “hope” yet.

“Promoting unionization” – What the?  That is so 1960’s. Has she been to Detroit lately?

Someone should tell the camera operator to stop showing Michelle.  Maybe the camera operator is Republican?

11:00 PM Still no “change” and “hope”, but she is kissing Michelle’s behind now and Michelle actually had a real smile.

Now the  McCain slamming.  Yada, yada, yada . . . expected.  Nothing new.

Sufferage is a hot issue . . . NOT, move on.

Why do you think she picked orange?  It is just such a strange color to wear to a political convention.  At least she is not wearing a funky hat.

11:08 PM  Wow, I am impressed.  She kept it short an did not say “change” or “hope” once in her whole speech!

Tomorrow I will post an update with a picture of the orange pant suit as promised.

UPDATE:  Picture of the pumpkin pant suit.


Celebrety Sighting.  Another name for my list

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