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I am baffled at why Obama is so popular.  I really do not get it.  Politics aside, I find his arrogance annoying and his speech inflections utterly irritating.  I have yet to hear him give a speech that has depth and substance.  He speaks in platitudes and generalities . . . hope . . . change . . . unite.  When I watch him, I feel like I am watching a high budget infomercial by a well spoken preacher. 

In the primaries the mass marketing techniques worked and Democrats bought what he was selling.  I am not convinced that the same marketing techniques are going to work in the general election.  As we get closer to November, people are going to want to see substance, judgement, experience and accomplishments.  Those things Obama is not selling.  What he is selling, I doubt the moderate and independent voters he needs to win will be buying.


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