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Youth Observation: The Worst Economy Ever

The son of long time friends graduated from our private school last night.  I attended the graduation ceremonies.  Overall the event was very nice.  There were 56 students graduating and most, if not all, are going on to higher education (only one graduate did not list college of choice – my guess is he hasn’t made a choice yet).  Almost all of the graduates prepared a short video thanking their parents, family, friends, etc.  Many were touching and others were actually entertaining. 

There was one thing that bothered me.  It was a small part of the Class President’s speech, which overall was very good.  Amongst his comments on the challenges that face his ’08 Class, he threw in that we were “experiencing the worst economy ever.”  I didn’t hear the next part of his speech.  I was too busy wondering if he was serious.  Did he learn this at our over priced school?  Did his education skip over the great depression or the Carter years?  Did he mean the worst economy in his lifetime?  That would probably be true, but that is not what he had said.  Or, has he fallen prey to the clobbering that we get daily from the main stream media? 

I am not saying the economy is good or that there are not areas that are harder hit than others (our area not being the list of those hardest hit).  I am saying that it is not nearly as bad overall as it is reported on the nightly news.  These kids hear daily how “bad” things are and take it to heart.  The negative messages have an impact on their life outlooks.  I really wish that the chicken little media would stop telling people that the sky is falling!



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  1. Right. When I am in line at the store, there is always someone in line buying a 37″ or bigger TV and no one can keep Wii’s in stock. I’d love to see that kid 20 years from now.

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